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Cetbix TISAX Assessment Automation

Prove your information security with a TISAX® Assessment

Efficient and trustworthy to the TISAX trademark

Use the Cetbix automation platform to meet the internationally recognised information security requirements of the automotive industry and eliminate unnecessary effort for you and your staff. You can automate the development and administration of the necessary policies and procedures with the help of the Cetbix TISAX solution.

This enables you to completely concentrate on putting security measures into place, which will help your business obtain TISAX certification more swiftly, effectively, and cost - effectively.

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Our professionals help you get the TISAX label.
Our assertion goes beyond an automated platform. Your successful journey to the TISAX label is accompanied by our specialists' guidance and inquiries.

Every step of the way, you have the support of the  Cetbix TISAX team.
Use the platform to directly contact our professionals. Take advantage of our monitoring and maintain compliance.
Respond to the newest threats and TISAX standard modifications.

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TISAX® is a cross-company testing and exchange procedure for information security in the automotive industry. It is about protecting data, its integrity and availability in the manufacturing process as well as in the operation of vehicles.

This is done via an information security management system (ISMS) analogous to the ISO 27001 standard, on the basis of which the VDA has developed the special ISA requirements and test catalogue for the automotive sector.

The effectiveness of an ISMS can be proven via assessments (tests) against the VDA-ISA. If the assessment is successful, - the administrator of the TISAX® programme - issues a TISAX® label in its database. This is recognised and required by all VDA members and vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, Volkswagen or BMW.

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