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Cetbix TISAX Assessment Automation

Prove your Information Security with a TISAX® Assessment

The Complete Solution for TISAX

Are you looking for an efficient and comprehensive solution to organize your business and meet TISAX® requirements? Then look no further than Cetbix GRC, the most powerful and reliable digital solution on the market. Combined with our focused, cutting-edge consultancy, you will experience a seamless and hassle-free process that will help your organization achieve maximum compliance in the shortest possible time.

This enables you to completely concentrate on putting security measures into place, which will help your business obtain TISAX certification more swiftly, effectively, and cost - effectively.

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Our Recipe for Success

The holistic all-in-one solution

Our software-focused approach and experienced consultants deliver secure ISMS solutions for TISAX®. Cetbix® GRC platform and consultants provide optimal support for successful TISAX® label acquisition with efficient and automated services at the best total cost of ownership ratio in the market.

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Transform your company into a TISAX® compliant powerhouse while efficiently utilizing existing resources. Do not let the fear of compliance hinder your growth. Join  the many successful businesses that have already made the leap and benefit from the trust and credibility that comes with TISAX® certification.

Make your Company TISAX - Compliant while Conserving Resources

TISAX® is a cross-company testing and exchange procedure for information security in the automotive industry. It is about protecting data, its integrity and availability in the manufacturing process as well as in the operation of vehicles.

This is done via an information security management system (ISMS) analogous to the ISO 27001 standard, on the basis of which the VDA has developed the special ISA requirements and test catalogue for the automotive sector.

The effectiveness of an ISMS can be proven via assessments (tests) against the VDA-ISA. If the assessment is successful, - the administrator of the TISAX® programme - issues a TISAX® label in its database. This is recognised and required by all VDA members and vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, Volkswagen or BMW.

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Cetbix GRC Plattform for TISAX

The Cetbix® GRC platform is a digital cockpit for your automated and collaborative information security management system (ISMS) that meets the TISAX® requirements, making your company TISAX®-compliant while conserving resources.

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  1. End-to-end support from project initiation to successful assessment,
  2. Backed by our certified and experienced consultants,
  3. Our software-supported approach helps save significant time and cost.

All the Necessary Tools required for your TISAX

Cetbix® GRC provides customized and robust solutions that are specifically designed to match the TISAX® standards. With our solutions, you can implement your ISMS in accordance with the standard by following the TISAX® requirements. This not only helps you meet the standards but also allows you to leverage the benefits of ideal synergies during ISMS implementation.

Smart Automation for your TISAX - ISMS

Cetbix GRC provides a seamless connection for your teams and distributes tasks efficiently throughout the company. This improves information security across the organization and reduces the effort needed to implement your ISMS.

From streamlined process workflows to automated reporting, Cetbix GRC simplifies your path to a successful assessment and helps you save on consulting costs.

Unlock your Biggest Advantages with just one Glance

Our software platform is designed to help your organization distribute workload more efficiently, keep track of important tasks, and upgrade your ISMS from a traditional paper-based system to an automated and sustainable one. Moreover, the platform can handle many tasks for you, enabling you to minimize consulting and software expenses. Explore the full range of benefits that the Cetbix TISAX® GRC platform offers for your TISAX® project. Here are the key advantages you can expect:

Comprehensive platform

A platform that simplifies complex compliance and ISMS implementations with tools for compliance center, control management, risk modelling, incident management, asset and process modelling, audit management and standard handling.

Simplified collaboration

Efficient task load management is made possible by extensive collaboration options. Employees work together effectively, coordinate tasks and make optimal use of resources. This promotes transparency, improves decision-making and provides a company-wide overview of the entire task load.

The right tools

Modular preparation of all requirements for granular ISMS operationalization according to various maturity models.

Up To Date

Cetbix GRC uses the latest TISAX® data to design implementation scenarios for different organizational levels and location-based asset management.

Advanced mapping functionality

With the Advanced Mapping functionality, several standards - e.g. VDA 5, VDA 6 and ISO 27001 - can be handled with just one click.

Policies Ready & Collaboration

Introducing a comprehensive document and policy center that adheres to the highest industry standards. This platform offers you precise control over your governed documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and manuals. It is designed to be directly linked to your requirements and automates the distribution and acceptance of your documents for both groups and individual employees.

360 Degree Celcuis

Risk modeling and control reporting provide a comprehensive overview, with all measures executed in real time and reported automatically.

Automation of Work Process

Automation throughout the system saves time with automatic report generation in maturity scores, audit planning and more.

Business continuity

Ensure the sustainable operation of your business with our Integrated Business Continuity Management (BCM) module. Enjoy process-controlled emergency plans, graphic display of reporting chains, notifications via Cetbix App, Email, SMS, and direct emergency communication on the platform.

Cetbix TISAX GRC Plattform

Experience the unparalleled capabilities of our Cetbix TISAX platform, designed to simplify TISAX implementation by connecting teams and data, boosting productivity and innovation in a complex TISAX world.

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