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SaaS Fleet Management System Features

SaaS Fleet Management System Features

Cetbix Fleet Management System + Driving License Check (SaaS)

With Cetbix Fleet Management you are in a position to map any fleet and any type of organisational structure. Our fleet management solution offers extensive functionality for managing both your own fleet and customer fleets, giving you the greatest possible flexibility.

Cetbix Fleet Management System comes with driving license check and enables fleet administrators to manage fleets efficiently, control costs accurately and store and process extensive data packages in one place. If you use Cetbix Fleet Management System as a fleet service manager, you can offer your customers a high quality of service with little effort and transparently map contracts and cost analyses at any time.

The Cetbix Driving License Check option provides a quick checking services enabling organizations to quickly perform driver licence checks for all their drivers using various automatic mechanism.

Checking the driving licenses of organization vehicle drivers is one of the most significant obligations of the vehicle proprietor and in this way a focal part of vehicle park management.

In accordance with the Road Traffic Laws, it is the duty of organizations that furnish their workers with organization vehicles obliged to routinely watch that they have a legitimate driving permit.