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Cetbix TISAX Assessment Automation

Prove your Information Security with a TISAX® Assessment

The most powerful solution for your TISAX ISMS

The Digitalised solution

Save time and costs through modular, editorially structured management with smart automation and a direct link between controls, risks and documents.


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Your Advantages at a Glance

request demo Ensure compliance with all ISMS standards (such as ISO 27001 family, TISAX®, IT baseline protection, etc.) by following the editorially prepared requirements.

request demo Save on consulting costs and automate the operationalization of your ISMS.

request demo Significantly reduce time and expenses compared to a manual approach.

request demo Achieve an active and sustainable ISMS, reduce complexity, and accurately map your organization.

request demo Take advantage of AI-assisted policy templates to streamline the process.

Implement TISAX® ISMS in a Resource-Efficient and Effective way

TISAX® Procedure
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Integrated Risk Management
  • End-to-end risk management with individual threats and gross/net risks
  • Smart linking of risks to actions and controls with real-time impact on risk status
  • Efficient insight into your organisation's risk situation with powerful filter options
  • Extensive reporting for management & auditors
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Assets, Processes, Suppliers
  • Authentic overview of your organization as a foundation for your compliance
  • Extensive classification for group-wide asset management
  • Definition of processes directly in the platform
  • Customized definition of protection requirements and smart automatization
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Document Management
  • Directly create, approve & distribute documents.
  • Convenient distribution of guidelines, SOPs and manuals to all employees
  • Automated & verifiable document distribution tracking.
  • Lifecycle management with automated reminders for expiring documents
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Incident handling
  • Joint processing of incidents and their effects
  • Automatic notification of relevant stakeholders about incidents that have occurred
  • Direct linking of assets, risks and specific measures
  • Automated reporting for management and auditors
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Activities & Responsibilities
  • Organisation-wide allocation and monitoring of tasks
  • Recurring review internal control systems or laboratory inspections
  • Direct linking of measures with controls and risks with real-time influence
  • Automated reporting for management & auditors
High-Speed Recovery
  • Automatic generation of schedules for certification and surveillance audits
  • Holistic collaborative audit management with checkpoints, evidence and findings

  • Automatic linking of actions resulting from the audit for easy follow-up

  • Smart linking of audited controls with automated audit matrix

Frequently asked questions about TISAX®

Frequently asked questions about TISAX®

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TISAX® Assessment Levels

TISAX® distinguishes four assessment levels (protection requirements): normal (level 1), high (level 2) and very high (level 2.5 or level 3). The test methods and measures are determined by the defined safety requirements. The level 2.5 or level 3 is applicable to external situation. If an on-site inspection is not possible, a remote audit (Level 2.5) is carried out first. If an on-site audit is possible, Assessment Level 3 applies.

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TISAX® Scope

TISAX® is not limited to manufacturing companies, but covers the entire supply chain of the automotive industry. Your individual needs for implementing TISAX® depend on the specific requirements of your customer. If your customer does not approach you specifically or changes accepted general terms and conditions, it is advisable to wait and see whether you need a TISAX® assessment for further cooperation.

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TISAX® vrs ISO27001

The TISAX® test catalogue was derived from the international standard ISO 27001 and uses the criteria defined there. A guideline describes how the respective requirements can be implemented, how the processes are to be ensured and which tools can be used. A significant difference between the two standards is that with TISAX® a certain level of maturity must be reached in order to receive the label.

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Information Security Assessment - VDA ISA * (ISO 2700x)

Information Security Assessment Results according to VDA ISA * (ISO 2700x)

Employees Involvment

All employees must be included in the scope. This can also be, for example, an employee in production who works with customer information.

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The duration of your assessment will depend on the size of your company as well as the amount of travel involved in the review of your sites. Typically, for an average sized company, 2-3 days on site will be sufficient to complete the process.

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