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Cetbix Learning Management System SaaS

Cetbix Learning Management System SaaS

Cetbix Management SaaS

The Cetbix Learning Management System (LMS) is a software as a solution. It helps organizations to simplify event planning. It comes with several features and a lot of flexibility to meet small medium to global enterprises need.

Our EVS comes with the following features. 5 Profiles consisting of an administrator, Manager, Lecturers, Executives, and Students.

With the four integrated scenarios,

  • Admin has the right to create events, delete events, assign events and announce events, and more.
  • The Manager has the right to collect all students willing to participate in the event and feed them into the system.
  • The lecture can upload learning materials, see all participants, sign digitally, generate billing which will be sent to the admin profile or to any HR system, etc.
  • Executives can approve or disapprove
  • Students can register and log unto their profile, and download their certificate if ever they need it.

With the Cetbix LMsS, certificates are generated by the Admin which is then sent to the students automatically after a complete successful participation.


Cetbix EVS Benefit

Cetbix LMS Benefit

  • Increase your brand influence
  • Create custom event registration flows
  • Robust & complete event management software
  • Mobile ready
  • API integration (REST API enables custom integrations)
  • Ease
  • 3 Languages (English, German, French)
  • Event registration
  • No more print out spreadsheets like wallpapers?
  • An innovative system
  • Aid different areas of planning an event
  • Plan with simplicity
  • Dynamic online event registration
  • Secure event payment processing
  • On Arrival: onsite check-in mobile app
  • Comprehensive contact profile records
  • Increase attendance
  • Robust event reporting
  • Advanced event budget management
  • Unrivaled support & training
  • Brand certificate to match your organization
  • Personalized merge fields
  • Showcase key sponsors
  • Save time
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Register on mobile, tablet or computer
  • Use Pre-populated registration form
  • Offer registrants to forward invite/connect through social
  • Get personal confirmation with ‘add to calendar’ widget
  • Offer differential pricing
  • Set session capacity and allow waiting list
  • ...etc