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Accredited certification bodies for ISO 27001

Consultancy and choosing an ISO 27001 Certification Body

Consultancy & Accreditation

The Cetbix consultant analyses your requirements and recommends the best solution. You have the choice whether or not to have the accreditation re-examined in the future. The Cetbix ISO consultancy team can put you in touch with the appropriate recognised audit companies along the way.


Organisations should refrain from using unauthorised certification bodies when obtaining ISO 27001 certification. If you do not have your own certified body, Cetbix can recommend one of the many international ISO-approved organisations that can assist you in obtaining certification.


Auditing takes place on site or remotely.

Please note that Cetbix is not affiliated with any of the recommended certification organisations.

Cetbix will support you throughout the process to achieve certification.

ISO 27001 compliance Mandatory

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for validating the effectiveness of an organisation's information security management system (ISMS). Most consumers and business partners usually require organisations to comply with the ISO 27001 certificate before any business transaction can take place.

Our Approach

We assist you in developing policies and processes to support ISO 27001 implementation, as well as providing guidance on how to apply security controls to minimize risk to an acceptable level.
Our specialists collaborate with you to guarantee that the ISO 27001 framework is implemented smoothly and effectively.


How we help

ISO 27001 framework is implemented smoothly and effectively

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How we help

Cetbix has in-depth experience and extensive knowledge to guide your organisation through the ISO 27001 implementation process.

Whether you are looking to gain a competitive advantage or improve your current position, our external consultants can help.

Trust and Privacy

Organisations may build and apply a framework for managing information security, digital trust, and privacy controls using the Cetbix ISO27001 ISMS set of standards.

Work Efficiently

The ISO27001 software from Cetbix supports the process, saves time, money and risks and informs you about documents and changes to standards. This allows your team to work together more efficiently.

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