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Document Management (CetbixDoc)

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Cetbix Document Management (CetbixDOC)

Cetbix Doc is a software that is specifically designed to help organizations manage their Quality Management Systems across multiple global sites.

This is the one to consider when choosing a document management system for your organization.  It is advisable to choose the one best choice among document management solutions that fits your needs.

  • Cetbix document management system (CetbixDOC) enables your organization to stay organized both for internal needs or for auditing.
  • CetbixDOC utilizes advanced technology and regulatory standards to enable the ease of systems integration.
  • CetbixDOC uses advanced technology to store, manage and track electronic documents, OCR features and electronic images of paper-based information captured using a document scanner and mobile app.
  • CetbixDOC integrates all major document management, collaboration, and search functions into one easy-to-use solution.
  • The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of different users, access control, user quota, document security level, detailed activity logs, and automation setup.

Manage vast quantities of documents easily with our certified document management system, reducing throughput times and increasing productivity.

Efficiency starts with a DMS

Efficiency can be achieved by using a Document Management System (DMS). This system eliminates the need for paper, folders, email attachments, and file directories.

Cetbix is a digital document management system that allows you to manage and control all your business documents such as contracts, orders, invoices, or personnel documents.

Using a DMS simplifies the process of finding business information, which in turn leads to faster decision-making, error prevention, and long-term business success.

  1. To enhance your productivity, it is recommended to process and manage all your documents digitally. This can help you save time and make faster decisions without making errors that may lead to expenses.
  2. Managing compliance requirements and avoiding penalties is easier and less time-consuming when digitized.
  3. Automating document storage and distribution can free up resources that can be used for other tasks such as service and order processing.

Effective document management is crucial for any organization. Therefore, it is imperative to establish clear document ownership, maintain control over versions, and ensure that all documents are appropriately approved and released through electronic signatures.

Cetbix Doc allows for delayed release and temporary document capabilities, automatic archiving of previous versions, and audit reminders. Furthermore, it integrates with training, qualification, and assessments to ensure that all employees are well-informed and compliant.

Document management at a glance

Cetbix Doc is a software that is specifically designed to help organizations manage their Quality Management Systems across multiple global sites. The software provides a range of global features, including configurable workflows, categorization, cloning, escalation, and approval workflows, as well as pre-configured dynamic reports, templates-based content structuring, saved searches, read restrictions, and reporting tables for BI tool access. Additionally, the software offers document numbering and role-based security features to help organizations better manage their QM requirements. By implementing Cetbix Doc, organizations can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their QA processes.