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Cetbix Windows Management

An infrastructure control system for organizations

Cetbix Windows Management Professionals 2.7

The Cetbix Windows Manager for Professionals 2.7 (WMP v2.7) enables the recognition of zero-day in advance. It enables the recognition of all un-patched security aspects of windows. It also looks into password policies, firewalls, antivirus status, SMB status, LAPS, Filesharing, motherboard, RAM, Graphics card, application versions, drivers and many more. Organizations can transfer this data to their Cetbix Dashboard or save it as a .txt on local. It enables organizations to oversee their company endpoints as well as system setup and configuration.  Cetbix WMP helps boost IT operations by tracking all computer setups.

Cetbix WMP is an infrastructure control system for departments in all sized businesses, which enables the IT department to oversee each computer status. Cetbix Windows Manager for Professionals provides knowledge to employees and administrators in the context of security settings, software updates, system setup, configuration, and windows patch. Using the Cetbix WMP enhances the tracking of assets and their insight.

WMP v2.7 is an innovative solution that allows technicians and admins to track asset details, access a comprehensive dashboard, automate maintenance, and create reports.

The usage of technology in today's business is to enable both big, middle and small firms to conduct their business in a broader range in order to help cope with a shift in the market environment. However, the rapid growth in cybercrime is also shifting the market environment rapidly.

Management Software

Automated Windows Management Software

Cetbix WMP helps organizations to keep current with hotfixes and updates which can sometimes be a daunting task. Cetbix WMP enables you to be able to evaluate which updates are critical, which ones are moderate and which one is not important. The Cetbix WMP is an automated tool that makes the job easier. It maintains a database of monitored systems and their patch status. the results can then be compared to your database of ideal configuration and systems needed to be updated.


Why The Cetbix WMP

  • The Cetbix WMP creates and maintains an inventory of desktop systems. It can easily detect new systems without requiring the distribution of any agent.
  • It provides information about the installed service packs and patches for the operating system as well as all components.
  • It easily evaluates patch requirements  to reduce labor requirements of the patch management
  • The Cetbix WMP maintains current and other inventory of patches and their information.
  • Helps organizations to prioritize patch installations based on their criticality from a security perspective.
  • Generates reports either in .xls, txt or saved on Cetbix ISMS dashboard.
  • It also supports role-based administration and system grouping to allow the workload shared accordingly
  • Provides patch distribution and installation functions as well as the installation automation
  • The version supports only windows
  • Can be used as agent-based.