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Cetbix Learning Management System SaaS

Cetbix Learning Management System SaaS

Cetbix Learning Management System SaaS

Cetbix Learning Management System SaaS

Cetbix LMS plays a vital role in the education. It reduces both workloads and enhances learning processes. Cetbix LMS enables organizations to manage and monitor all the  processes on a single click. The Cetbix LMS comes with several benefits

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Enterprise solution Process

Cetbix LMS also provides an enterprise solution whereby the process of permission goes through several processes.

With a large staff and the complex schedule of daily tasks, the Cetbix LMS has provided a simple process for big organizations.

  • Here, the staff member who wants to take part in a program will inform the manager.
  • The manager will then log into the system and verify if that seminar is available.
  • If the seminar is available, the manager will enter the candidate name.
  • This name will be seen by the Administrator who will then assign the seminar to that student and confirm.
  • If another unit has to approve, the other unit can also log into the "Executive panel" after the Manager has entered the candidate name, confirm before the administrator will assign the new candidate to the seminar.
  • The other option is that the student can register, this will be sent to the Manager panel, the Manager will approve, forward it to the Executive panel, after approval, the admin will assign the seminar to the candidate. The candidate and manager will receive a notification of approval or rejection.

After Completion

After completion of the seminar, the student will automatically receive a certificate.

The lecture can generate billing and send it automatically to the Admin or other IT financial systems like SAP.


For the huge IT systems in various organizations, the Cetbix EVS comes with APIs to enable data flow between systems.


With the rate of cybercrimes, the Cetbix EVS comes with a secured integration approach to ensure that data is encrypted at rest and during transmission.