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PCI compliance

PCI compliance

PCI compliance

Payment card industry compliance alludes to the specialized and operational norms that organizations follow to secure and protect credit card information provided by cardholders during any transaction. PCI compliance for consistence has been developed by the PCI Security Standards Council.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to organisations of any size that acknowledge credit card payments.

An organization that is in the process of accepting card payment, storing data, processing them and transmitting these data must host this data securely with a  PCI compliant facilitating supplier. Additionally, you have to guarantee that the information kept by these suppliers are secured. The assurance of the security is not the responsibility of this hoster but your own responsibility.  This is where Cetbix ISMS can assist you with being PCI compliant.


With the usage of the Cetbix-etbix ISMS, your organization will be alerted on various points that have been misunderstood and have not been addressed efficiently due to daily activities. Cetbix ISMS helps you to configure your firewall policies and develop a setup test methodology intended to ensure cardholder information. Organizations using the services of a service provider are not responsible for the firewall configuration, but they are still responsible for the data of the cardholders kept by the service provider.


It is also vital to abstain from vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters. This implies, frequent password updates and applying company secured password creation policy.


As data owner of cardholders, your organization should address data encryption at rest and during transmission.  Cetbix-ISMS checks your current situation awareness and provides you with the right cryptography. This is where Cetbix will analyse your "where you are", "where you have to be" and close this gaps in a comprehensive manner.

Cetbix-ISMS also helps your organization to maintain various vulnerability programs that enlight the IT team to be vigilant with their system updates and security patches.