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Lean Information Security System

Lean Information Security System

Lean Information Security System & Cybersecurity Due Diligence (CDD)

Cetbix Lean information security or the cybersecurity due diligence (CDD) workflow is a technique for adapting an old idea to modern organisational challenges. Data is an essential component. It is one of the most valuable assets of a company today, but it is also one of its greatest liabilities. Companies lose billions to data breaches and this figure is likely to increase due to continued digital acceleration.

Cetbix Lean is a technique for reducing gaps in the third party due diligence process. It enables stakeholders to identify issues that need to be streamlined throughout the procurement of a service or product, from conception to completion, understanding each step. Cetbix takes into account five main elements: value identification, float charting, float creation, drafting, refinement, etc.

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Cybersecurity Due diligence

Awareness & Comprehensive Processes

The goal of awareness is to have a full understanding of the data that an organization holds and anything that could have an impact on it. It is crucial to comprehend the following in addition to knowing the precise type of data, whether it is personal information, vital system files, anonymous data, or other specifics.

  • Data goes through a lifecycle that includes creation, dissemination, usage, and disposal. Organizations possess a variety of data that are all in various phases of their life cycles.
  • Regulations: Different forms of data are subject to a variety of rules and regulations. It is essential to be aware of these restrictions and guidelines.
  • Data should be categorized based on the degree of risk involved. Straightforward, anonymous data ought to be distinguished from delicate personally identifiable information, and both should be labeled appropriately.
  • Governance: Does the existing method of data management adhere to the basic standards? To build simplified, automated, and measurable protection measures, a thorough understanding of an organization's data is required.

IT managers, security officers, compliance managers, legal departments, and data protection officers all benefit from Cetbix Lean solution. This gives teams the ability to easily prevent shadow IT. Cetbix makes it easier to design comprehensive processes without coding because it is a SaaS solution.

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Simplification, Reduce Risk and increase Trust.

On one platform, Cetbix allows teams to effortlessly alter priorities, update timeframes, and efficiently manage assignees. Cetbix was built with approvals in mind, capturing all comments and choices in one place so you can swiftly apply input. Users may attach documents, pictures, and video assets to comments directly on the platform, giving everyone a new level of accuracy when giving feedback.
Lean Visibility & Monitoring

Your providers and risks are all visible on a unified dashboard. Watch for important changes in your systems and take the necessary action:

  • Bundle risks and information from external parties into one system.
  • Create and automate workflows for vendor onboarding.
  • Keep track of provider performance and initiate reassessment procedures.

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Automation & Measurement

Automation can improve adherence to security guidelines and reduce data exposure. Data is classified into risk categories, and the proper compliance and security measures are subsequently implemented. In order to enable the system to adjust to data expansion and change, this method makes sure that protocols are followed regardless of volume.

Measuring entails utilising input to provide metrics that may be used to direct process improvements. Continuous feedback allows for the assessment of fresh problems and the implementation of fresh audits. Effectiveness is increased through appropriate measurement, which also demonstrates to organisations how to strengthen current procedures.

The act of predicting, recognizing, and mitigating cyber hazards within a company's network ecosystem is known as cybersecurity due diligence. Addressing the network security dangers that a business (and increasingly, its external stakeholders, such as suppliers and partners), confront is the goal of cybersecurity due diligence.


Cetbix Lean Information Security Adaptation

Cetbix Lean Information Security or the cybersecurity due diligence (CDD) ensures that data evolves and grows. Cetbix Lean raises awareness, simplifies, automates and measures, enabling employees to improve their work without having to redefine entire initiatives. Cetbix Lean Information Security closes gaps and strengthens the overall security of an organisation.

Organizations all throughout the world can greatly benefit from conducting cybersecurity due diligence. It not only correctly estimates risk before accepting culpability in mergers and acquisitions, but it also spots any problems that might need a deal's reorganization. Additionally, it identifies dangers and aids organizations in understanding the cyber threat landscape. Additionally, it enables the evaluation and detection of a colleague's overall cybersecurity posture.

A more thorough examination of a third-party vendor's current security network, threats, weaknesses, and what can be done to reduce the risks are all part of cybersecurity due diligence.

The cybersecurity risk ratings provided by Cetbix allow for improved control of a company's cyber risk.

How Cetbix due diligence SaaS can help

• Ongoing assessments of internal security activity, which will enable stakeholders understand what is going on.
• Benchmarking at the industry level, including rival and peer comparisons.
• Increased client trust in the company's online presence and operations. Others with vested interests, such as stakeholders, third parties, and industry regulators, are impacted by this increased level of confidence.