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Vendor Management & Risk Assessments

Vendor Management & Risk Assessments

Supplier Risk Evaluations

A supplier management strategy consists of a set of methods for actively managing relationships with third parties that have at least one common principle. These tasks include engaging with suppliers, reviewing their performance and mitigating any threats they may pose to your business. Do you initiate such processes manually? Have you thought about the many mistakes and human errors? Your company works with other suppliers to provide products or services, and although these suppliers play an important role in your company's processes, they all pose some risk.

Reduce the time it takes to evaluate a new or existing vendor by more than half by doing away with tedious, error-prone, spreadsheet-based manual risk evaluations. The best practices and practical advice for security teams, managers, and executives on vendor risk assessment.

Customised evaluations of your vendor connections

Customised evaluations of your vendor connections

The Cetbix Vendor Management System streamlines your company's vendor management process - from vendor assessment and acceptance to vendor notification and removal. It provides you with the information you need to monitor potential threats and take precautions, such as monitoring, assessing, tracking and mitigating supplier-related risks.  Cetbix enables you to assess and evaluate supplier performance, close contracts and track order backlog. Cetbix also supports e-commerce via an API that can connect to SAP and other ERP systems. By sending a reminder to the document owner, updates are made automatically. Cetbix offers a wide range of features aimed at small, medium and large businesses.

Adapt risk assessments based on the level of risk that a vendor poses to your business. Utilise security ratings for preliminary evaluations or our collection of standardised security questionnaires for in-depth analysis. SOC-2 audit reports make for simple additions of security evidence.

One location to evaluate, address, or eliminate vendor risks

The Cetbix Vendor System generates reports to help you define and monitor your company's goals and supplier relationships. You have the ability to track data over time and generate reports, with threats automatically detected. The Cetbix Vendor Management System comprehensively describes your vendor management process while maintaining confidentiality and integrity. As a SaaS solution, Cetbix guarantees the availability of the services provided. Do you need a vendor management system? Procurement managers can use the Cetbix Vendor Management System to keep vendor data up to date and measure vendor performance on a regular basis.

Based on the evidence that is currently available, risks are automatically identified and categorised by severity for your evaluation. Using a simple assessment methodology, you can request the remediation of important vendor risks and waive non-critical risks for later evaluation.

Holistic analysis of vendor security posture

Capture any risk insights and red flags in the security posture of your third-party vendor in a report format. Risk assessments are saved as auditable documents, and can be exported as a PDF. Close the loop on your risk assessments by setting a reassessment date.

KPI & B2B-E-Commerce

The Cetbix Vendor Marketplace Platforms offer the finest user experience across all channels by combining robust functionality with user-friendliness and a completely responsive design. With our admin administration features, you can easily administer your marketplace, whether it be for lead generation or e-commerce sites. Our solutions give your vendors integrated tools to control their content and goods as well as keep track of their transactions. Additionally, end users have access to rapid comparisons and dynamic search filters.

  • Order Management
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Revenue growth
  • Revenue per customer
  • Profit margin
  • Customer retention rate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compliance rate
  • Supplier lead time
  • Support ticket resolution time
  • Product/service defect rate
  • Order accuracy
  • Order capacity
  • License management
  • Competitiveness.
    ...and much more.


Other benefits & KPIs


  • Online ordering and pool ordering processes
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Approval procedure
  • Document management
  • Supplier account
  • Order/employment management
  • Time recording or import
  • Mapping of vendor to departments
  • E-signing of contract documents
  • Self-service portal
  • Paperless onboarding
  • Vendor screening
  • Supplier performance management
  • Remediation
  • Spend management
  • Reporting
  • Measurements
  • API integration
    ... and much more.