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Electronic Driving licence control

Commitment to hold in the organization

Commitment to hold in the organization

Checking the driving licenses of organization vehicle drivers is one of the most significant obligations of the vehicle proprietor and in this way a focal part of vehicle park management.

In accordance with the German Road Traffic Law (StVG) section 21, it is the duty of organizations that furnish their workers with organization autos obliged to routinely watch that they have a legitimate driving permit.

Delegation of holders in the company

On a basic level, the organization management is responsible in terms of owner liability. Most of the time, organizations do employ a full-time vehicle controller.

Consequences of non-compliance

Vehicle managers who allow an official vehicle to be driven without a legitimate driving permit are in breach of their legal obligation to keep it. The inability to comply with this regulation has extensive criminal and civil law ramifications for organizations and fleet managers.

Criminal law risks
For example in Germany, management or fleet managers are personally liable to fines or imprisonment of up to one year.

Civil law risks
Failure to do so may result in the loss of the existing insurance cover for property damage and personal injury.


Holder adhesion with CetDrive

Cetbix Licence control has our customers in focus. With us, you have a reliable partner at your side, who protects you in all matters of owner liability in the vehicle fleet.


Data Security

As a Saas solution, you have nothing to worry about. No patches or any management duties on your side. All is done by us. Your data is encrypted during transmission and also at rest.

The password is hashed with the state of the art and data encryption is bases on modern cryptography. As an Information Security company,  we set the trend for the development of an entire industry. Today, the number of our customers benefit from our innovative strength, process knowledge and many years of experience.

More information on security is under our TOMS

The complete protection of user data is an integral part of Cetbix. The processing of the data collected during the control process does not take place on the user device due to recent rampant mobile phone vulnerability. Data assessment and control are taking place automatically at our data center - the data center itself is certified according to ISO 27001 in the EU.

There is a frequent IT security revision that eliminates human error so as to guarantee absolute security at various levels, giving our customers more time for important things.