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Cetbix Information Security Management

Information Security Management System Overview

Cetbix Information Security Management Features

Cetbix Information Security Management

The CETBIX ISMS comes with the following features, multi-cloud ISMS solution, in-depth data security analysis, business progression, risk analysis, situation awareness, metrics, KPIs, CSF, 3-CETBIX-Approaches, SWOT, PEST, Vulnerability Assessment and Management, Security Maturity, ScoreCard, Graphs, Measurements, RACI, Data Classification, Application Inventory, Monte Carlos analysis, Penetration Testing Evaluation, Integration control, Documentary, different report templates, Roadmaps and individual tasks, and Gap Closure. Cetbix® combines both human intelligence and machine learning for organizations to make smarter decisions using data and analytics.

Cetbix Information Security Management Features

Speacial features

  • Cetbix ISMS takes usability into consideration and uses a single standard that makes it simple and portable for practical use.
  • Documentation is underrated in the context of Cetbix because most organizations implementing other ISMS tools invest more time writing documents than they expected.
  • Cetbix ISMS enhances information sources, capacities, decision strategies, staff and organization attitudes toward security-related issues and helps to close the gap between technology and humans in the context of information security management.
  • Cetbix ISMS avoids the oversimplified generalized guidelines that neglect the verification of the difference in information security requirements in various organizations.
  • Cetbix ISMS provides a methodology that focuses on the issue of how to sustain and enhance organization cybersecurity through a dynamic process that involves: awareness of the situation, integration control, and gaps closing.
  • Cetbix ISMS contributes to a more reliable, good practice of information security measures that help to educate leaders and secure the participation of employees in the context of information security management.
  • Cetbix ISMS enhances collaboration between different groups of employees by enabling them to work jointly towards the mitigation of cybercrimes.
  • Cetbix ISMS also focuses on the design, identification, and mitigation of potential factors causing an overall hindrance to security-related policy compliance within an organization. Every potential factor that generates any hindrance is a cause of variation that Cetbix ISMS addresses, unlike the other ISMS tools where standards are designed for certain focus.
  • In the event that an organization is having an inaccurate idea of their business domain security issues, the Cetbix ISMS will be the right approach.
  • Cetbix ISMS could be seen as a "Preventive System". It prevents your organization from cyber attacks in advance and enables your organization CISO, CIO, CSO or cybercrime security manager to develop audit trails of proof in the context of information systems before making decisions.
  • Cetbix ISMS provides organizations with more prominence attributes, such as, how employees react to policies, collaboration, communication, and commitment.
  • Cetbix ISMS has a cost reductions mechanism that prevents unforeseen circumstances in the context of cybercrime mitigation.
  • Cetbix ISMS prevents you from GDPR penalties.

Cetbix ISMS is not just a Compliance tool, but it is a Cybercrime prevention tool. Purposely for CISO, CSO, CIO, and IT security managers.

Enterprise features

  • Factor Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation Dashboard    
  • Risk Assessment & Evaluation
  • Constructs             
  • Situation Awareness
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis         
  • Risk assessment         
  • PEST Analysis              
  • GAP Analysis              
  • Data classification              
  • Data Element Classification
  • 3X CETBIX Approach
  • Global Security Benchmark
  • Asset Inventory and classification
  • Risk acceptance report
  • Branding
  • Default Document keeper
  • Roadmap & Charter
  • RACI
  • KPIs
  • Situation Awareness Causes and Findings
  • Metrics 6 Approaches
  • Critical success factor
  • Organization & Business Partners Effort
  • CETBIX Machine learning analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Score Cards
  • Change & communication plan
  • Program Metrics
  • Security Service Catalog
  • Project Requirement
  • Financial & Project Timing Goals
  • Resource & Project risk
  • Project Ownership
  • Assign topics to managers
  • Active Directory, SAP, Bespoke applications, Windows, Servers, Open Source, etc

Managing risks successfully with the Cetbix ISMS

Managing Risk in Cetbix ISMS

In the concept of information security, the management of risk is an important part of corporate management. The Cetbix risk assessment approach enables organizations to identify, analyze, evaluate, create, communicate, control and monitor risk. The Cetbix ISMS enables organizations to centralize records and control all company-related risks.

Cetbix Intelligent-Approach base on the CETBIX risk -assessment supports the whole risk management process:

In this pace of information technology (IT), information security risk has also increased. IT security risk is an important issue in industrial sectors, and in organizations that are innovating owing to globalization or changes in organizational culture. Previously, technology-associated risk assessments focused on various technical factors, but as of the early twenty-first century, the most important issue identified in technology risk studies is the human factor and the interrelationship between technology and human.

Managing Risk in Cetbix ISMS Extra features

In addition to other risk issues, Cetbix ISMS looks into the following:

  • Identification of risks, description of type, causes, and effects
  • Analysis of the identified risks with regard to their probability of occurrence and possible effects base on the Monte Carlo analysis
  • Breaks several risk incidents to a comprehensive constructs
  • A risk assessment by comparison with risk acceptance criteria to be defined in advance
  • Risk management and risk control through measures
  • Integration with the Internal Control System (ICS)
  • Risk categorization and risk aggregation (incl. client capability)
  • Risk monitoring with reminder notifications and workflows
  • Risk records for the documentation of all processes
  • Predefined risk reports and the possibility to create your own reports (Report Designer)
  • 3D Risk management dashboard for data visualization

Cetbix ISMS Data Encryption

Encryption as a concept od security data

As businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on data, it is vital that information is secure. Big companies lack encryption and are not aware of why they have to encrypt their data. Organizations are progressively dependent on data, it is essential that data is secure. Data security is important to your organization, to win the trust of your customers and to comply with legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation. There is a vast range of data security methods available, but when it comes to encrypting your data one of the best options is to use the state-of-the-art encryption method.

The major issue with encryption in the context of major organizations is the difficulties they face when deciding on the right encryption process and which methodology they need to adopt. The Cetbix ISMS enables an organization to come across the right approach base on its data classification.  Cetbix ISMS educates organizations on the need for data encryption at rest and during transmission.


Understanding encryption

Cetbix ISMS Intelligent-Approach enables organizations to understand that SSL/TLS is not enough, and therefore has the potential to be intercepted by someone else accessing that same network. This can be an internal network or the internet. Therefore, the Cetbix ISMS process protects your data against unauthorized access by encrypting all traffic over the network.

Apart from data encryption, Cetbix ISMS enables the right approach to encrypt storage devices such as laptops, workstations, mobile devices, smartphones, cell phones, and external storage media.

Systematically manage and improve information security

Security base on ISO 27001 or BSI

Cetbix ISMS is focused on cybercrime prevention but has a feature that enables you to operate in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 or the  BSI-licensed. This feature is used by over 10,000 users in Germany, Europe and worldwide. This feature is an option that you can simply activate on the Cetbix ISMS platform.

Security base on regulations

Cetbix ISO27001 additional feature enables organizations to:

  • Control documents relevant to information security (specifications, verification)
  • Management of information security risks e.g. according to ISO 27001 or ISO 27005
  • Recording and tracking of information security measures
  • Inventory and classification of the objects of protection (asset inventory) including inheritance of the need for protection
  • Management of security incidents (Security Incident Management)
  • Management of Exceptions to Security Targets (Exception Management)
  • Preparation of the Statement of Applicability (SOA)
  • Performing gap analyses and audits based on ISO 27001 and ISO 27002
  • Evaluation of information security compliance
  • Reporting and dashboard for Information Security



Currently, projects and the task can be synchronized with Jira.

Situation Awareness

Cetbix ISMS is a portable, simple and improved and combines all the deficiency of both ISO27001 and ISO27002, which come with different distinct features. For example, the ISO 27002 does not make a distinction between controls applicable to a particular organization and those which are not, while the ISO27001 prescribes a risk assessment be performed in order to identify for each control whether it is required to decrease the risks and if it is, to what extent it should be applied.

Integration Control

The integration phase is where both the control activities and governance targets are defined and institutionalized. Here, the extent to which all the critical factors and latent factors interrelate as well as their main effects are measured. The Cetbix ISMS has the ability to represent unobserved factors or variables in these relationships and account for measurement error in the process.


Cetbix ISMS uses a single standard that makes it simple and portable for practical use. It focuses on design, identification, and the mitigation of potential factors causing an overall hindrance to security-related policy compliance within an organization.